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Erika's Bead Creative, Inc

Hand Carved Labradorite Angel Wing

Hand Carved Labradorite Angel Wing

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These high quality Labradorite pendants are carved into Angel wings and electroformed with gold.  Pendants are approximately 2 inches long x 3/4 inches wide.  Due to it being a natural stone color, size and shape may be slightly different.

LABRADORITE – the stone of magic.  It is a powerful healing stone.  Your Labradorite crystal stone inspires you to reach for the stars in your quest for a higher consciousness. It bridges the gap between the heavens and physical reality so that your dreams and aspirations don’t seem out of reach. In this way, a Labradorite crystal is one of the most powerful stones that can support your intentions by encouraging you to go after what you truly want without placing any limits on what you can achieve.

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