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Blue Kyanite Pendant w/ Bezeled Amethyst

Blue Kyanite Pendant w/ Bezeled Amethyst

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This ultra unique pendant contains 3 long slabs of Blue Kyanite that are electroformed in copper.  A large copper ring surrounds the top of the Kyanite with a copper star and moon, and bezeled Amethyst round stone at the top.  Pendant is approximately 4 1/2 inches long by 2 inches wide.  Due to the stones being natural size, shape and color may be slightly different.

Kyanite - Kyanite enhances communication and mental clarity by deflecting unwanted thoughts. It is a popular crystal among energy healers because it calms and balances the nervous system.  This stone helps with voice recognition, expression/self-expression, and contact with spirit guides. It can help you understand why there are gaps in your life purpose or missing pieces of the life puzzle.  It helps with finding these missing pieces and learning how they fit into your soul journey.  Kyanite is also said to help you manifest new opportunities, ideas, and possibilities through action.

AMETHYST – encourages healing and promotes balance in your life

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