This is a great kit for the whole family!  Create a rainbow Snowflake Ornament!  You can hang on your tree or window.  Also makes a great gift topper!


Kit Includes:

54 size 8 mm glass beads in multiple colors

1 - Snowflake Ornament Frame

1 - Green Ornament Hanger

1 - Silver Glitter Ribbon (optional)

1 - set of directions

Snowflake Ornament Kit

SKU: 2020-snowflakeorn
    • On one rod, string approximate 8-9 beads, leaving yourself at least a ¼ inch of the rod showing.
    • With a needle nose plier, loop or bend the end of the rod in half so that beads are securely in place, and won’t fall off.
    • Continue steps 1-2 for the next 5 rods.
    • Hook green ornament hanger from one of the end loops of your rods.
    • Optional – Tie a silver ribbon bow at the bottom of your ornament hanger for a little extra glitz!

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