Extra Large 11mm Steel Curb Chain. Sold By The Foot.

CH917 is an Extra Large 11mm Steel Curb Chain. We plate this chain in numerous finishes over a solid steel core. Steel is a much more affordable metal and also a bit lighter in weight than brass so we chose to make this extra large curb chain out of steel. The manufacturing process is the exact same as all of our other chains and it is electroplated nickel free. We love how substantial this chain is and will surely stand out on its wearer.

Chain - CH-917 - Extra Large 11mm Steel Curb Chain

SKU: CH-917-S
Color: Silver
  • Due to the cost differences of metals, chain colors may be different prices.  Price is per foot.

  • This chain can be ordered in bulk at a much more discounted price. Must be ordering 10 feet or more to receive this discount. This chain is also available in other finishes which we may not carry on a regular basis.  Please contact seller for details at erika@erikasbeadcreative.com