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Join us virtually in an intimate setting of our own backyard garden via Facebook Live at every Tuesday evening at 6:00 pm this summer!  We will be offering products at ridiculously low prices!  However, the sale will only last 16 hours before prices return to normal!

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How It Will Work

  1. At 6:00 pm on Tuesday evenings we will be on Facebook Live showing you all the products that we will be putting on sale.

  2. We will post pictures of each product on our Facebook page.

  3. You must type "BIN" (Buy It Now) in the comments of each product that you would like to purchase.  **Make sure you also type in how many strands or pieces you would like, and whether you would like the products shipped or pick up in store.***                                             For example:  BIN - 2 strands - ship

  4. You will have until Wednesday at 9:59 am to post your orders.  That only leaves you 16 hours to make your decisions, and it is first come, first serve.

  5. Starting at 10:00 am on Wednesday, we will begin private messaging everyone who purchased for their email.  Once you have sent us your email, we will send you an invoice for everything you purchased via PayPal.  This may take a couple of days, depending on how many purchases we receive.  All shipping will be sent in a USPS Small Flat Rate Box which will be an additional charge of $8.45 and will arrive in 3-5 business days of being mailed.

  6. Once you have paid your Paypal invoice, we will then message you when your order is ready for pick-up or that it has been shipped. 

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Tuesday July 13th 2021

What's first up for sale in the garden?!!!  Strands of our tiny fine gems at prices as low as $3.00 per strand!  Join us on Facebook Live at 6:00 pm to see which ones!  

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